Largest Selection of Unique Tile Atascadero Residents Can Imagine

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Adding ceramic tile to accent your home and to bring its full richness and character to life can be a great way to give your home a unique feature. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring an experienced contractor, sourcing your ceramic tile from Matt Clark Tile and Stone can ensure your tile Atascadero project is the talk of the town.

Leading tile Atascadero specialists praise tile as an easy to clean, well-preserved, and aesthetically pleasing flooring and backsplash option. But, finding the best quality tile is key to lock in that lasting beauty for years to come.


Atascadero Tile

When commercial and residential owners are looking for the most eye-catching tile for their projects, they always reach out to the tile connoisseurs at Matt Clark Tile and Stone. Known for our wide selection of artisan and imported tile designs, the experts at Matt Clark Tile and Stone have a tile to fit your budget and taste.

The renowned design team at Matt Clark Tile and Stone are available to answer your ceramic tile Atascadero questions and we are excited to work with you to make your next project a reality. Matt Clark Tile and Stone is dedicated to providing personal, quality service. Make an appointment on our website or call the showroom at (805) 543-7600.

If you’re not sure which is the right material to use in your kitchen, hallway, bathroom, pool or patio, our seasoned staff can give you a wide range of options to choose from. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, when you shop at Matt Clark Tile and Stone, you can rest assured that your tile will be the highest quality and most unique on the market.

Atascadero homeowners and contractors have partnered with Matt Clark Tile and Stone for over 15 years to get the world’s best, handcrafted ceramic tile. To browse our extensive tile collection or to make an appointment to visit our gallery, contact us online or give us a call.


About Atascadero, California

Situated in an ideal location, delicately placed between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Atascadero, California is where adventure and beauty meet. With warm, dry summers and cooler winters, city residents get to experience the seasons in their full glory. Its nearby pristine beaches are often reminders of the rich Atascadero history and unique travel options that surround the city.

Known for having the best selection of eye-catching and high-quality tile, Matt Clark Tile and Stone, located in nearby San Luis Obispo, showcases a unique collection of artistic stone and Atascadero tile designs.


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