The Beauty in Reclaimed Indonesian Teak

  • Posted by Matt Clark

Happy hump day all! Hope it’s been a great day for you. We’re doing swell over here at the Matt Clark Tile & Stone showroom, because guess what…we have WOOD! Sort of… To explain, let’s take a field trip…

…Picture it: Summer time, Indonesia, late 7th Century. Forests are lush with vibrant tribal communities. These tribes have been utilizing the resources around them for centuries creating useful tools and painted wooden shelters. The company, Island Timber, organically grew from immersing themselves into Indonesian culture and embracing the exotic. Besides being a delicacy of eye candies, these beautiful structures are a fabulous demonstration of human creativity.

For decades, creators at Island Timber have been interested in exploring organic resources to manufacture unique surfaces, “Over time [their] love of Indonesian hardwoods turned from interest to obsession and [they] were compelled to develop a range of wood veneer products to showcase and share this aesthetic [they]’d fallen so deeply for.” They are pleased to present their first Island timber range. Here’s some photos. They’re beautiful here, but nothing compared to this special, revived material in person – check it out at our showroom here in San Luis Opispo.


There’s life inside this wood. It needs a new home. Come and get it. Don’t be shy.


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