Behind the Creative Elegance – Women in Tile

  • Posted by Matt Clark

–The artistry and craftsmanship of the tile and stone industry is often attributed to men, but the tides are turning and women are making their mark – one Paso Robles tile at a time.

Tile santa maria

Matthias Clark and Katie Franklin

Women like Katie Franklin are a great testament to the amount of talent that exists among women in tile. This article is to pay homage to the under recognized, yet innovative and intricate tile and stone artistry of women in tile.

Katie Franklin – Not only does this tile leading lady design and manage Matt Clark Tile and Stone’s expansive showroom, she is one of the driving forces behind bringing elegant and hand-crafted tile and stone designs to the Paso Robles region and beyond.

Even for the most demanding clients, Katie is able to source rare and beautiful tile and stone to transform any home or office into an exquisite tile Santa Maria masterpiece.

She currently runs one of the most beautiful and diverse showrooms on the Central Coast, providing unique, cutting edge tile and tile designs to prestigious clients from all over the world.

With an eye for detail and over two decades in the tile industry, Katie has helped hundreds of clients realize their tile design dreams, elevating Matt Clark Tile and Stone as the most recognized tile Paso Robles supplier’s on the Central Coast.


Nancy Epstein

Nancy Epstein

Nancy Epstein – She is on a powerful mission to “make the world a better place, one tile at a time.” Her career in the luxury stone and tile industry dates back to the late 1980’s when she quickly rose to fame after designing custom cabinets for her brother’s home. Even early in her career, Nancy recognized the need for cabinet manufacturers to offer more tile and stone products. This passion to bring exquisite and custom tile and stone designs to the public is what lead her to open the family-owned, Artistic Tile.

Today, Artistic Tile is one of the largest luxury tile and stone wholesale distributors with nine showrooms across the country and products showcased in over 150 showrooms nationwide.

Nancy continues to find the best in tile designs, taking frequent trips to Europe and Asia to meet personally with expert, world-renowned craftsman. Artistic Tile is known for finding the rarest, never before seen tile Santa Maria designs to make any tile project come to life. Her mission to share her passion for tile and stone with the world has gained her acclaim with top interior designers and architects. Artistic Tile’s innovative and award-winning tile work has been showcased in America’s finest residences and most innovative design projects for prestigious restaurants, hotels & resorts, cruise lines, and spas.

So, the next time you admire a beautiful kitchen tile backdrop, walk on an ornate tile floor, or relax in a decorative tile covered spa, be sure to take a moment and thank these leading ladies for bringing the best-in-class tile and stone designs to the world!

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