Which is better, buying tile from the showroom or online?

  • Posted by Matt Clark

–Despite the popularity of online shopping, there are still times when seeing and handling the item before buying it answers questions that a picture in an online store can’t. Regardless of how far technology has taken us, we humans are still creatures of our senses. How something looks and feels goes a long way to helping us determine what we like. Despite this, there are without doubt huge benefits to online shopping and you can find out about the world of ecommerce right here.

Whether you are considering terra cotta tile in a Bakersfield kitchen, or something unique for a bathroom remodel there are a number of benefits to buying tile from the showroom instead of from an online store. Aside from logistical considerations of returning cases of tile that turned out not to be what you wanted or dealing with missing or damaged terra cotta tiles that arrived at your Bakersfield project, who is going to answer your questions? How long will it take to get answers by email? How many phone conversations will you have before all your questions are answered? Is the person on the other end really an expert? Some online vendors will send samples for a small fee, but how long will that take? What if your measurements were off and you ordered too much or not enough?

A visit to the showroom at Matt Clark Tile & Stone is the perfect example of why someone would prefer choosing tiles in person instead of through a computer screen.

  1. Access to exclusive tile designs that are only available from a brick and mortar showroom.
  2. Expert design assistance for any tile or stone project from fireplaces and fountains, to patios, kitchens and baths.
  3. Texture and color are best when experienced first-hand. What you see and touch in the showroom is exactly what will be installed in your kitchen, bathroom or entryway. No unwelcome surprises.
  4. Because you are not dealing with a stranger in a call center at some distant location, you have as much time as you need to ask questions.
    Technical knowledge is readily available. Because you are face-to-face with an expert with years of experience, many of your questions are answered before you think to ask.
  5. Support before, during and after your tile project is part of the entire experience. You can leave the showroom knowing that you have purchased all of the correct materials for the job in the correct quantities and that expert assistance will be available through the end of the project.

Matt Clark has been working with tile since 1977 with industry notables such as Armand Agresti, Ann Sacks, David Garbo and Jed Johnson and a number of outstanding architects, designers, craftsmen, artists and clients on both coasts. Matt Clark Tile & Stone has been described as, “easily the most knowledgeable and friendly tile source on the Central Coast,” by satisfied clients. The companies and products represented by Matt Clark Tile & Stone are some of the top quality and tile design talent in the United States. Many of the products are produced by state-of-the-art green manufacturing processes that help preserve the environment. Clark and Katie Franklin have been providing expert assistance with tile projects on the Central Coast since 2002.
Personal access to this level of experience and expertise rates high on the benefits of shopping for tile in the showroom instead of online.

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