Introducing Tanzu Stone Tile now available at Matt Clark Tile & Stone

  • Posted by Matt Clark

The Central Coast source for gorgeous tile is proud to offer an brand new line of stone to  San Luis Obispo!

Introducing Tansu, a contemporary design 500 million years in the making. This woven stone mosaic is made from one of Asia’s most precious stones, Muyu Jade, or wooden fish stone. Formed from marine deposits during the early Palaeozoic Era, this stone manifests a timeless beauty. Yet, this material is more than pretty, it is rich in health-boosting minerals. As it turns out, the Fountain of Youth petrified years ago. To tap into its revitalizing properties, the Chinese have been shaping Muyu into elegant teaware and decorative carvings since the era of the Ming Dynasty. Legend has it that tea stays fresh in a Muyu Jade vessel for a week while alkalizing liquids and imparting all its 26 mineral benefits – you know we’re busy looking for the best Muyu tea mugs out there.Products
Now, we are reawakening this ageless stone in Tansu, our latest addition to the Studio Line. Named for the traditional storage cabinetry of Japan, the wood-like quality of Muyu takes center stage in this design. Tansu carpentry oftentimes has a dry finish, a technique applied by rubbing clay or chalk into the wooden surface before being burnished with an Eulalia root whisk. By honing the wood-like jade, this same effect is achieved within our own design. At the same time, the woven pattern calls to mind the elegance of Ikebana wedding baskets. Although inspired by vessels that contain, our Asian inspired design, Tansu, is meant to open your space and to invite others into the richness and history of Muyu jade.

As part of our ready-to-ship Studio Line, Tansu ships from our studio in Virginia within 48 hours. For pricing and design assistance, visit Matt Clark Tile & Stone in San Luis Obispo

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