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Terra cotta tile is one of the most ancient building materials around. Dating back thousands of years to early civilizations, terra cotta tile can add a rustic and unique feel to any home. High-quality terra cotta tile can last for many years and is an excellent way to accent a home’s look and feel. As the Spanish colonial terracotta tile Bakersfield experts, Matt Clark Tile and Stone has a host of terra cotta designs to choose from.




Whether you’re renovating a historic home or looking to upgrade a modern home with antique finishes, terra cotta tile has been a favorite choice for Bakersfield homeowners for decades. Finding well-made Spanish terra cotta tile that is both eye-catching and affordable can be challenging. At Matt Clark Tile and Stone, our Spanish colonial terra cotta tile Bakersfield design team will work with you to create the perfect tile arrangement to fit your project and your budget.


Spanish colonial terra cotta tile is quite popular in the Bakersfield, California area. Borrowing historical influences from Spanish Baroque art, the Colonial era, and the Moorish Revival, terra cotta is an ideal blend of traditional and flair. Matt Clark Tile and Stone specializes in a wide variety of Spanish colonial terra cotta tile that will complement any Bakersfield, California home.


To see the full beauty that Spanish colonial terra cotta tile can bring to your home, visit our tile showroom, or schedule a Bakersfield terra cotta design consultation here.


Bakersfield, California – Living the Spanish Colonial Terra Cotta Tile Experience

Sitting on the southern board of the Central Valley, Bakersfield is the ninth largest city in California. Tucked inland, approximately 130 miles from the Pacific Ocean, Bakersfield residents can enjoy both the coast and suburban living. Tourist and local homeowners enjoy at least 190 days of sunlight, mild winters, and dry summers. With one of the most diverse economies in the country Bakersfield, situated in Kern County, leads the nation in oil and agricultural production. Growing a wide variety of crops including carrots, citrus fruits, almonds, and pistachios, Bakersfield is the jack of all trades of cities. To match the diversity and uniqueness of the city, homeowners across Bakersfield are using Spanish colonial terra cotta tile to bring their home design projects to life.


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