Why Everlasting Quality is Worth the Investment

  • Posted by Matt Clark

Hand-crafted tile and natural stone can be a distinctive way to bring any room in your home to life. The details and intricate patterns that can be made with tile are truly remarkable! As with anything worth having, tile and stone designs and installments do come at a cost, but homeowners that have custom tile and stone installed in their home all agree on one fact: it was one of the best investments they made to upgrade their home. If you’re investing in new tiles, you’ll also want to invest in an appropriate mop. Check out this list of the best mops for tiles by bestproductspro.

If you’re considering cheap flooring or home decor options, consider these top five reasons why tile and stone are worth the investment:

• Materials that are made to last. When you invest in Matt Clark Tile and Stone products, you are guaranteed a product that will last for the ages, and a customer service experience that is unmatched. Carpet, even laminate flooring, may be more cost-effective than tile and stone, but these materials cannot withstand common wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas. Imported ceramic tile is crafted to be luxurious and durable, offering homeowners peace of mind with their investment. Unlike other flooring options, tile and stone are the least susceptible to damage, and when well maintained can last for many decades. The custom and rustic artistry of a stone floor, or the eye-catching detail of an ornate kitchen backsplash can instantly transform an ordinary home into one that is full of personality and character.

• The embodiment of comfort. Tile and stone when installed in a home can exude elegance, prestige, and serenity. By adding a custom tile floor, the look and feel of the room takes on a soothing and relaxing ambiance. At Matt Clark Tile and Stone, we can even design and install heated flooring solutions using custom tile and natural stone.

• An expression of beauty. Every home has its little intricacies that make it unique and that ultimately make it home. What better way to celebrate the essence of your home than with beautiful artisan tiles and natural stone? These materials are the ultimate symbol of beauty and timelessness that all visitors to your home will admire.

• A commitment to your health. Recent studies have found that building materials when manufactured with toxic chemicals and additives can introduce a silent, but very dangerous, health risk into your home. The tile Paso Robles experts at Matt Clark Tile and Stone only source materials that have passed the most stringent safety and health standards, so, you can rest assured that your new custom tile project will only bring beauty and elegance into your home, not harmful carcinogens!

• Build up your good karma. Making the decision to purchase tile or stone for your home is, simply put, a decision to support sound business practices. A lot of cheap, imported flooring materials are manufactured in places that have very little governmental oversight or regulation. Therefore, the amount of money you spend may not match the quality of product you deserve. Not with Matt Clark Tile and Stone! Our tile Paso Robles team values your investment in our products and will ensure that any product we sell meets, if not, exceeds your expectations.

Have a tile idea that you’d like see come to life in your home? Or, are you looking to upgrade your home with beautiful, artisan tile or natural stone? We are your local one-stop source for your next tile project and will work with you, every step of the way, from conception to completion.

With only the highest quality materials in our diverse showroom, we have the perfect tile for any room in your home! When you partner with the tile Santa Maria specialists at Matt Clark Tile and Stone, you get exclusive access to our advanced knowledge of waterproofing, installation methods, and creative, state-of-the-art flooring solutions. Contact us today at (805) 543-7600.

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